Direwolf & Co is the combination of years of obsession with good food & drink -- okay, let's be real: beer & cheese -- and a passion for creative storytelling. After working in media jobs and across the food industry for years, Jess Hitt realized that what she loved most was telling the stories behind the food. Whether enthusing about how a favorite restaurant or coffee shop could change your life, or telling the story of small farms and producers, Jess Hitt's years behind the scenes in restaurant kitchens, bars, and coffee shops have taught her how to meaningfully tell the true story of a brand or restaurant.

We choose to work with brands and businesses whose stories we believe in, so that we can authentically express what makes you unique and share it with the right audience. Whether you’re looking to bring some new customers in, run an event smoothly, up your social media game, or just get some great photos for your brand, Direwolf & Co can help.